Toronto man with coronavirus in isolation at Sunnybrook

The Ontario medical chief has confirmed a 50-year-old man and his wife both tested positive for coronavirus.

The woman, who has not exhibited any symptoms, and her husband returned to Toronto from Wuhan, China on Jan. 22. A day later the husband was taken to Sunnybrook hospital by ambulance with a fever and a cough. On arrival, doctors ran tests and they were able to confirm the coronavirus, according to the medical chief.

The man is reported in stable condition and is being kept in isolation in a negative pressure room.

A sample from the wife was taken on Jan. 27 and officials confirmed she tested positive.

She is being kept in isolation at her own home, they said. The location of her home is not being released.

On Wednesday morning officials confirmed they’re monitoring the people who were on board the plane that arrived on Jan. 22.

With over 6,000 cases of the virus reported worldwide, Air Canada announced this afternoon they will be suspending flights to China in response to the coronavirus.

Sunnybrook hospital remains open and continues to operate normally.

In a statement Saturday, the hospital assured the public all patients and visitors are safe.