Tory relies on Hudak platform appeal

[attach]4837[/attach]PC candidate for Toronto-Danforth Rita Jethi says she can take the riding, an NDP stronghold held by current MPP Peter Tabuns.

It’s also the riding that was represented federally by the late Jack Layton for many years, a popular figure in the community.

Even though support for the NDP has increased in the weeks following Layton’s passing in August, Jethi is confident she can turn this predominantly orange riding blue.

Despite not being familiar with the community, the political newcomer thinks people will vote for her based on the strength of Tim Hudak’s platform.

“The PC party is the only party that can be trusted and bring relief to families and bring the change they’re desperately looking for,” Jethi said.

“I’ve been out talking to families every day and night and they’re telling me that they’re really fed up, struggling and looking for a change,” she said, adding she’s found PC leader Tim Hudak’s mantra of cutting back on taxes to resonate with residents.

Having emigrated from India to Canada in 1999, Jethi is familiar with the struggles new Canadians face. She left India with two young boys in tow and worked at a low-paying job at a fabric store.

“There wasn’t a single day I sat at home,” Jethi recalls.

Her husband followed eventually and Jethi took courses to upgrade her skills. She says she has made a good living as a realtor and financial advisor.

Despite her beginnings in Canada, Jethi disagrees with Premier Dalton McGuinty’s proposal to pay business owners $10,000 to hire immigrant workers.

“(As an immigrant) I took whatever I got. I felt the need to prove myself,” she said. “I struggled, but I made my own opportunities.”

Jethi, who holds a masters degree in political science, says her immigrant experience factored in her decision to enter the political realm.

“I understand how politics can make a difference in people’s lives,” Jethi said. “I have gone through all those struggles (in immigration), now I have to give back to this country.”