Tory remains coy about election race intentions

[attach]1800[/attach]Former mayoral candidate John Tory says he doesn’t like the direction the city is going, but won’t commit to running for its top job.

After moderating a mayoral debate focused on development, transit and city-building this morning, Tory addressed the question on many a political watcher’s mind: Is he jumping into the mayoral race?

“In my case as of the moment I am not running for anything except maybe cover once in awhile,” he joked with reporters.

The last day to register as a candidate in the city election is September 10. And while anything can happen, Tory remains coy about his intentions.

“There are many, many, many days we can all enjoy ourselves and watch what’s going on in politics,” he said.

Tory said people aren’t happy with the visions being presented by the current crop of mayoral candidates, and neither is he.

“I am worried because these are big issues affecting the city that aren’t getting discussed,” he said, such as how to help low-income neighbourhoods.

He’s not necessarily swayed by websites such as [url=][/url] drafting him to run, but is affected by people who want him to enter the race.

“Even at my cottage a man came up to me in the grocery store in Keswick and said, ‘You should run for mayor of Toronto because our health as a community depends so much on Toronto.’ Those things probably have more influence on me.”

The former Progressive Conservative leader said he’s currently focused on being a broadcaster at Newstalk 1010, his work as chair of the City Summit Alliance and his charitable work.

In 2003, Tory came second to David Miller in the mayoral race.

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