Tory says no

In spite of the pressure to run, John Tory's name won't be on this fall's ballot for mayor

He’s telling us for the last time, John Tory will not be a candidate for the mayor’s chair in this fall’s municipal election.

Tory made the announcement via press release on Aug. 5 ending the hopes of many who thought he would make a better mayor than those currently in the race.

“In recent weeks, a very significant number of people, most of them average citizens from all walks of life, but also among them community and business leaders, elected officials and commentators, urged me to reconsider,” he wrote regarding his original Jan. 21 announcement that he would not be joining the mayor’s race. “I do want to say how much I appreciate the interest they take in their city and its leadership, and the faith they have in me.”

Tory said that he will continue his radio show on CFRB, as volunteer chair of Toronto City Summit Alliance[/url], as co-chair of Diversecity[/url] and in his various other volunteer activities around Toronto.

“In the months and years ahead, I intend to be as activist a citizen as anyone can be,” he said, closing his release. “I love Toronto. It has provided me and my family with opportunity and a wonderful place to raise our children and grandchildren. I take it as one of my principal responsibilities to help ensure that every resident, without exception, can look at Toronto in the same positive light”

With Tory out of the race the field is down to what many consider are five front-runners: former MPP and provincial cabinet minister George Smitherman, current Ward 2 councillor Rob Ford, current deputy mayor Joe Pantalone, political organizer Rocco Rossi and publisher Sarah Thomson.

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By: Gordon Cameron
Posted: Aug 6 2010 12:08 am
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