Touring the doctor’s hood

[attach]6059[/attach]It’s a sunny afternoon in May when we catch up with actor [url=]Huse Madhavji[/url] near his North York home for a tour of his favourite local hangout spots.

Although he jokes he’s going to take us to his dry cleaners, the first stop is actually Friendly House Restaurant at 5908 Yonge St., which he’s drawn to mainly because it’s conveniently open 24 hours a day, he says.

“I’ve only ever gone here post 3:30 a.m., pre-5 a.m.,” he says. “That hour and a half slot, that’s where I’ll be usually because I’m coming home from downtown. The burgers are massive and the portions are massive and the price is so reasonable.”

As we enter Red Rose Patisserie up the road at 6184 Yonge St., the server recognizes Madhavji both from TV and from frequenting the bakery. She gives us free samples before we sit down to enjoy some Persian tea and almond cookies.

“The tea here is great and I don’t even drink Persian tea,” he says. “The desserts are fantastic and the fact they’ve got these huge baskets full of different types of nuts all lined up — it’s better than a bulk-type kind of place.”

Ever since a friend introduced him to the café he’s liked it for the atmosphere, the friendly staff and most of all the sweet treats to satisfy his sweet tooth, he says.

Our final pit stop is Happy Bagel Bakery at 4949 Bathurst St. Since it’s directly across from his bank, it’s difficult for him to walk by without being lured in by the scent of freshly baked goods.

“It smells so good,” he says. “Literally the bagels are just coming out from the stove and into my mouth. It’s so good, piping hot and they’ve got different types and a great one where it’s like a bagel and there’s chocolate wrapped all around it.”