‘Tree Funeral Song’ takes on Metrolinx and Premier Ford

All together now.

Those attending the tree funeral on Nov. 28 organized by the Save Jimmie Simpson group were treated to a new song, sung to the tune of “Hallelujah.”

The song addressed the issue of trees being removed to make way for the above-ground section of the Ontario Line proposed to cut through Leslieville and South Riverdale.

The singing was led by a choir of local activists with the event’s “mourners” joining in.

Here are the lyrics to the song, as printed in the event’s program, with permission from Save Jimmie Simpson and apologies to the late Leonard Cohen:

Tree Funeral Song

We’ve heard there is a secret plot
By Metrolinx and Ford’s whole lot
Cause they don’t really care for green space, do they?
It goes like this: chop down the trees
Ignore the local expertise
And clear land for a 6-lane railroad thruway

Railroad thruway? No! we all say.
Railroad thruway? No! we all say.

These trees give homes to birds in spring
And shelter other living things
Removing them will cause unneeded distress.
In summertime, their leaves arrayed,
They cool the city with their shade
But Metrolinx, they really couldn’t care less

Causing distress, couldn’t care less.
Causing distress, couldn’t care less.

When autumn comes, tree colours shine
With nature’s beauty genuine
Why has our plan to save them been rejected?
It’s winter now, our trees stand tall
Just waiting for the axe to fall
What can we do to see these trees protected?

Subway selected; trees protected.
Subway selected; trees protected.