TTC advocate and salesman also in the running for Ward 10

[color=black][attach]2390[/attach]According to his website, candidate Eric Plant has a degree in international relations, is a licenced health insurance salesman.
[color=black]On his website he states good planning and a strong municipal government can make a difference in people’s lives.
[color=black]Among his platform ideas: Looking at the possibility of opening a new community centre at the west end of G Ross Lord Park, creating a cultural hub in the area by having a city-subsidized mural program in commercial districts, and repair and upgrade city sports facilities.

[attach]2389[/attach]Robert Freedland, A former real estate agent and current addictions counsellor, Freedland calls himself the transit advocate.

With transit being the biggest expenditure in the city, he says he’ll fight tooth and nail against what he calls boondoggle projects like the St. Clair right of way and the Sheppard subway line.

His top priority is speed and reliability, which he says can be accomplished for a fraction of the spending currently being invested.