TTC picks up Woodbine homes for new exits

The contrast couldn’t be greater between how the transit commission handled proposals for a second exit at Woodbine subway compared to proposals at Greenwood and Donlands.

Controversy erupted earlier this summer when residents near Greenwood and Donlands stations complained they got less than a month’s notice from the TTC that their homes could be expropriated in order to build new exits at the Danforth line subway stations. In some cases, homeowners only found out the TTC planned to buy their houses through media reports.

That wasn’t the case with Woodbine station.

Local councillor Janet Davis said she notified the community months ago so they were aware of the plans.

“If I hadn’t insisted on community consultation, it may not have happened and the same reaction might have emerged from the Woodbine second exit project as well,” she said.

On Aug. 12, the committee voted to have the city acquire 996 and 998 Woodbine Ave. to construct the new subway exit on the northwest corner of Woodbine and Strathmore.

None of the scheduled deputants involved with the properties showed up to speak on the Woodbine plan.

The 2010 assessed market value of 996 Woodbine is $309,500 and the property and 998 Woodbine is valued at $223,000. The selling price will remain confidential, however the city generally pays market price for home properties.

Davis said residents did request the new Woodbine exit operate as an entrance, so it’s being designed to accommodate that use in the future.

Woodbine station was built in 1966 and like the other subways along the Danforth line none of them have a second exit.

If the Woodbine exit plan proceeds with all the necessary approvals on schedule, construction would begin in 2011 and finish in 2013.