Two east-end cameras catch most speeders in Toronto

Are Toronto’s worst speeders found in the east end?

That might be one conclusion from the figures released by the city today showing the number of speeders caught by automated speed enforcement (ASE) devices — photo radar to most of us — over the recent summer.

The ASE camera at Victoria Park and Tiago avenues issued 2,645 tickets, the most in the city, during July. The device sitting next to Victoria Park Public School accounted for 14  per cent of all tickets issued by the 50 ASE devices across the city.

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This was topped by the ASE station at Greenwood Avenue, south of Glebeholme Boulevard by Greenwood Secondary School and Danfroth Tech, which racked up 2,673 speeding tickets in August. That’s 15 per cent of all such tickets in Toronto.

The city’s 50 devices issued more than 18,000 tickets for each of the two months.

A good sign though is that the number of repeat offenders is dropping, as drivers learn their lesson from receiving tickets. July saw 1,211 of the tickets going to repeat offenders but in August that number fell to 764.

Previous speeding champ

The overall number of tickets also seems to be declining. In June a total of 26,566 tickets had been issued, far surpassing each of the following two months.

By the way, the device issuing the most tickets back in June was also the ASE on Greenwood south of Glebeholme.

The former and present champ of bad driving.

But it’s almost two late to improve our figures for the two east-end sites in future months.

The ASE devices are regularly rotated and are scheduled to be activated in new locations starting in November.

ASE catching speeders
GOTCHA: Automated speed enforcement device watches for speeders on Victoria Park Avenue.