Video released of ‘suspect’ in murders of Barry and Honey Sherman

On the fourth anniversary of the deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman, police have released video of a man walking through the York Mills neighbourhood around the time of the killings.

Police are calling the dark figure a suspect in the murders of the billionaire couple at 50 Old Colony Rd. in 2017.

“Through our investigation, we have determined that this individual’s purpose in the neighbourhood is unexplained,” lead homicide investigator Det. Sgt. Brandon Price told a press conference today.

“The timing of his appearance is in line with when we believe the murders took place,” Price said. “Based on this evidence, we are classifying this individual as a suspect.”

It is the first time police have fingered a suspect in the four-year-old double homicide. Just over a year ago, police responded to media reports they had a suspect by clarifying they had only a “person of interest.”

The bodies of the Shermans were found by police on Dec. 15, 2017 after they answered a 911 call, though investigation indicated the couple had been killed two days earlier.

Autopsies determined they died from ligature neck compressions — that is, they were strangled by material bound around their necks.

The person in the video released publicly today has not been identified, despite analysis by other police forces including the FBI and the Ontario Provincial police, and despite canvassing witnesses, Price said.

Det. Sgt. Brandon Price on Sherman murders
INVESTIGATOR: Det. Sgt. Brandon Price says police are seeking the identity of their first suspect in the Sherman murders.

“It is our hope that someone will come forward with a name when they recognize the individual’s walk, the way in which they kick up their right foot with every step, knowing that the person was or is connected to the Sherman family or the area on that day, at that time,” he said.

The police also have other footage of the individual they have examined without being able to determine his identity or detailed description, Price said.

“Based on when we believe the murders took place, we have this individual coming into a very defined area around the Shermans’ household and remaining in that area for a period and then leaving from that area,” Price said.

“We have been unable to identify what purpose that person had to be within that defined area,” he said. “And the timing is in line with our belief as to when these murders took place, and that is why we have classified this individual as a suspect.”