Videos released two days after gunfire in Leslieville

Videos have been released today showing a person running from the scene of shooting and fleeing in a car in the Greenwood-Coxwell area Tuesday morning.

Police say officers responded to the sound of gunshots on Oct. 6 at about 5:25 a.m. at Walpole Avenue and Hiawatha Road.

A person was reported fleeing to a vehicle, thought to be a 2003–2006 Acura TL, which then sped away from the area.

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Shell casings were found at the scene. But no injuries were reported.

Investigators have posted two videos, one 26-second clip—from a camera showing what appears to be Hiawatha Road—starts with a person on foot entering Walpole Avenue from its T-intersection with Hiawatha and disappearing off-camera. Multiple gunshots are then heard.

Next the person is shown running from Walpole to a dark-coloured car parked on Hiawatha. The person opens the passenger door and jumps in, repeating, “Go go go!” The car then drives off northbound.

A four-second clip, time-stamped only seconds after the other video, shows a dark-coloured car racing up the lamp-lit residential street.

Police call the person running in the video a suspect.

He or she is described as having a light complexion, medium build and their hair in a puffy pony tail. They were wearing a black baseball hat, grey sweatshirt and black pants.

Police say their shooting investigation is ongoing.