Voice of the people: School Board debate

Reporters Tristan Carter and Shawn Star caught up with residents after the Town Crier‘s Toronto District School Board Ward 11 debate Oct. 6 to ask them about their thoughts on the issues and the candidates.

Paul Nathanielsz

Who stood out?

I was impressed with Mike Wiener. I think he’s very level headed. I think he’s a bit more forward thinking around where the school board needs to go as opposed to where it is right now.

Your Biggest Issue?

To me its what happens in the classroom. Its quality of teaching, quality of class experience. I’m kind of tired of hearing about funding problems and facilities. You hear about that all the time. I just want to hear somebody talk about improving the student experience in the classroom. I think Mike was a little more on message with that.

Yuliya Desyatova

Who stood out?

“I think Shelley Laskin looks like she has a lot of experience but I also really appreciate the point of view of Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler. I think he has a little bit of fresh thinking and I think I would support one of them.”

“When coming here I was supporting one candidate now I can see that two of them are quite strong. I still have to think about who to choose.”

Your Biggest Issue?

“In my eyes it’s the issue of school closures and the issue of misinformation by TDSB that was so obvious during the art process.

“They keep repeating the myths about declining enrollment, about under capacity, and when you ask for clarification, for exact calculations, and exact numbers you can never get them.”

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By: Tristan Carter and Shawn Star
Posted: Oct 14 2010 7:08 pm
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Edition: Toronto