Voices of our community

[attach]401[/attach]“I couldn’t tell you because I’m not experiencing it — maybe not now but down the road.”
— Renato D’Allessandro, 25, Home Depot employee

[attach]400[/attach]“The health concern is primarily the odours and the bacteria that’s formed with the garbage as it grows. Right now the temperature is pretty cool so it’s not too bad, but once we start getting the hot, humid weather, if the strike is still on, there are a lot of concerns. There are a lot of dump sites and there are a lot of families and communities that are going to be affected by it.”
Bill Street, 36, teacher

[attach]399[/attach]“Yes I do actually (have health concerns). I mean leaving the garbage in the parks with rodents and all that, it’s not very pleasant for a city of ours, with tourists coming over. It’s unfortunate, because you put the garbage outside, rodents, raccoons — and with the kids playing outside, you never know, I’m not really happy with the situation.”
— Peter Radolli