Ward 23 candidates talk intensification

If elected how they would develop the ward in a way that is sensitive to the concerns of residents.


Willowdale continues to experience a high volume of intensification with commercial and residential development. As Ward 23 councillor, what would you do to balance the needs of residents, developers and city staff?

John Filion:

Unfortunately it’s not a question of needs but a question of legalities. There is already way too much development in the area and more is coming. That should have all been decided 20 years ago. We already make people follow the rules (so they don’t) build anything that is too large for the area.

Dusan Kralik:

A better subway system should be in place so there is easy access for all residents to and from the ward. We need to balance the development in the areas. Development happens. But parks shouldn’t be given up to developments. We have to balance the different needs of the developers with the residents in the area.

John Whyte:

Intensification has been a major issue in the ward for the last 12 years. Intensification is ok as long as we have ways to manage the flow of extra traffic and people. Yonge and Sheppard has the biggest amount of gridlock in the city. Yonge and Sheppard (also) has the biggest amount of intensification. What we need to do is sit down with engineers to figure out a fly-over-ramp for Hwy. 401 or look at ways to use alternative routes, such as side streets.

Attempts to speak with Ward 23 candidates Peter Clarke and Charles Sutherland regarding the issue were unsuccessful.

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