Ward 24 candidate has four-point plan

Eugene Loo says he is Ward 24. And that, he says, makes him a good candidate to represent the neighbourhood.

“I am Ward 24 because I’ve been a resident here for 17 years,” he said. “I went to elementary school here, high school here, and I had my first job here.”

Loo has lived in the same house in the Willowdale neighbourhood for years and has become part of the community that he now wants to represent.

“I look at different constituents of my neighbours, family and friends, and I’m always looking for solutions,” he said. “I’m always ready to stop and talk to a regular Joe. I am definitely a people person.”

Loo said since he was young, he always had an idea of what was happening in the community and understanding for social issues.

When he took a walk near the Eaton Centre, he and his friends realized how many homeless people were living on the street and how many bystanders would not offer up any change.

This inspired Loo to take initiative. He gathered people from church groups, friends, any volunteers he could find to help homeless people. On one Easter long weekend, the group delivered sandwiches to people on the street. Loo’s main goal was to raise awareness on the situation.

“From that point, I think I’ve always been a huge activist in promoting social causes,” he said. “I have a big passion for things to help.”

There are four cornerstones to Loo’s plan, which will provide people with more education and better places to live.

Loo’s push for better education includes advocating for people to participate in different activities, such as taking guitar lessons, swimming lessons for fun and safety, as well as learning a new language.

“I think higher education is no doubt so important to you and in your professional career.”

He also wants to provide members of the neighbourhood with a mentorship program.

“No matter what stage you are at in your life, there is always so much to learn,” he said. “I want to start big brother and sister programs locally. We all need this in our lives.”

Loo is also a fan of sustainability and wants to educate residents about the importance of being green and protecting the environment we live in today.

“If we continue to use resources the way we do now, it’s not going to be around in the same way for our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren,” he said.

Loo said he would encourage more farmers’ markets and local gardens, which would also create a place of employment. He would also like to see restaurants in the area become environmentally friendly by recycling.

“I recycle at home,” he said. “Why shouldn’t you recycle when running your business?”

His attention is also focused on transportation because residents get by in a great deal of ways. For those that use the TTC often, he believes discounts should be handed out to these faithful customers.

Providing bike lanes and racks throughout Toronto is another priority for Loo, who also tries to bike as often as he can.

“There are some great bike trails that people should know about and look towards,” he said. “It is a lifestyle shift and change to get people on their bikes more often, which is more effective and efficient for traveling.”

Loo says Toronto is such a great place to live and he wants to be given the opportunity to change things to make it that much better.

“It’s time for somebody to step up and say I’m ready to be your councillor,” he said. “I will be an open book. I have no hidden agenda and no secrets.”

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By: Jessica Vitullo
Posted: Aug 16 2010 11:04 am
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