Ward 24 candidates talk Don Mills and Steeles revamp


A proposal to redevelop Don Mills and Steeles will have great impact on the Willowdale community. If elected [url=]Ward 24[/url] councillor, how will you ensure the needs of the community are met at both Toronto council and Markham council where the application is currently under review?

[attach]2397[/attach][url=]David Shiner[/url]:

I know that application better than any elected official on either side of the ward and I have led the political opposition to it.

For the past two years I have worked with residents in Toronto and Markham, with the Markham mayor and local councillors in opposition to this development. I have put forward a proposal for substantially reduced densities with a maximum of six stories that has been adopted as the go-forward model at Markham by the Markham Council and by the residents group and I have brought the item to Toronto City Council where we have already voted in opposition to the proposal and at my request are sending city solicitors and planning staff to oppose this development. I will make sure that it’s stopped.

In addition, at my request the developer has been refused access to sewer capacity that would allow him to build more than 400 units. I have stopped them from using Steeles Ave. to increase the capacity of the sewers … even if the (Ontario Municipal Board) awards a decision for additional density, it can’t be built.

[attach]2398[/attach]Bob Nahiddi:

I know that there are certain community organizations that are against this proposal. My role as a councillor would be to represent the will of the people. First and foremost I would have to determine what the general consensus is. Do we need this proposal going forward? Do we want this proposal going forward? What do the people of the area want? This is first and foremost I think the primary issue that needs to be determined. And then I will act accordingly. I’m not there to represent the interests of builders, I’m there to represent the people of the area. So essentially I will do whatever I find the consensus of the people to be. I don’t have a hidden agenda, I don’t have any interest groups on my side or anything like that. I think the role of the councillor is to advocate on behalf of their constituents and that’s what I plan on doing.

[attach]2399[/attach][url=]Sonny Cho[/url]:

I am strongly opposed to the proposal they have made. I’ve attended two of the meetings that were held at the town hall and I’m in support of the Willowdale northeast residents there because I think the traffic there is pretty crowded during rush hour already. Putting up those huge condos will make the area traffic even worse. I think what we need to do in Willowdale, both Toronto and Markham, the residents and the politicians from both the municipal and provincial levels have to work together and step back and look at our planning process altogether and come up with a clear picture and goal of what kind of city or what kind of network we have for infrastructure. It’s us that are going to live there and work there and we are the owners of the neighbourhood. I think we need to reform the OMB. The OMB shouldn’t just be making a unilateral decision and going against the will of the people who live there.

[attach]2400[/attach][url=]Eugene Loo[/url]:

I think whether or not you’re a councillor of a certain ward, you have to look to the bigger picture and work with the other municipalities. It definitely will have a huge impact on the community, so it’s important. The issue’s already gone to the (Ontario Municipal Board), so I understand that. But I think really holding more town hall meetings, really understanding the needs of the community, especially about transportation. It’s already gridlock around the 404 and Steeles already so I think that’s a huge issue. Having a councillor who’s more active and more vocal and allows these issues to be heard out before it goes to the OMB is really important. Once issues like this go to the OMB, they’re definitely going to get something for sure. I know a lot of people are very vocal against the project because they’re afraid of change and stuff. But really the councillor needs to say, ‘hey, whether or not you’re for or against an issues, let’s look at the constituents and lets get people on board and make sure we have a compromise situation that creates a win-win situation for all.’ A lot of the time we just have politicians just holding firm to their own ground. The place needs to be revitalized. I think it will go through, but in terms of the actual planning of that many condos it’s too much and I think we really need to rework the system so that we can provide better services overall. The Food Basics there is a huge draw for a lot of the immigrants who live around the area, especially in Toronto Community Housing centres.

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  • mickeyobe

    Bob Nahidi,

    What planet have you been on for the past year?

  • mickeyobe

    David Shiner has represented ward 24 for years. He is a quiet, hard working, knowledgeable representative who always responds to his constituents promptly and always gets things done.
    He knows the ins and outs of the political system and uses his know how judiciously for the betterment of this ward.

    No one can replace him.

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