Website connects residents to trash collectors

A software company has launched an online directory to connect residents with those who can haul your trash away.

Toronto-based Henning Software Solutions launched, a site where users can plug in their postal code to locate willing collectors in their neighbourhood.

Residents in need of garbage removal can view a list of people willing to pick up garbage in the same area. Once connected, users must then make their own arrangements for the garbage to be picked up.

The developers say the website is especially useful for elderly residents incapable of removing their own garbage, individuals without a car, or those who don’t have the time to visit one of the city’s 19 drop-off garbage locations.

The website also features a message board and strike information. The company stressed the site is not a political statement, but a way of helping out citizens as the strike enters its third week. 

While those who post as willing garbage collectors are mostly enterprises that will charge a fee, Henning itself is not profiting from the website, the company said in a statement.