We’re footing the bill for U.S. energy exports

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Every day, people tell me how their lives are made harder by soaring electricity bills.

From cash-strapped seniors on fixed incomes to families who have lost their jobs or seen hours cut, right to working families trying to make ends meet, energy prices are a major problem.

No wonder people are angry — Prices are up by 75 percent.

It’s galling hearing Dalton McGuinty say green energy like solar or wind power is behind this massive price hike. Using more clean energy is only behind about three percent of the increase.

Only Mr. McGuinty could take a good idea, make it sound expensive and drive people away. But that is just what his government is doing — hiding the energy idiocy they inherited from Mike Harris, which they made worse, before slapping the HST on top.

From privatization to deregulation to Mr. McGuinty committing us to meet half our energy needs through nuclear power nobody can afford, our electricity grid is a series of middlemen and profiteers. And while the nuclear industry is the biggest cost, you subsidizing energy exports might take the cake for silliness.

Over the last five years, you have helped subsidize energy used in Quebec, New York State and elsewhere by a billion dollars. You read that right. You paid for energy you never used.

Worse, you’re not even subsidizing it for our factories or seniors. It’s going to Quebec’s factories and New York’s seniors. Welcome to Dalton McGuinty’s energy system, and the cost of middlemen laughing all the way to the bank.

Let’s take January 24 of this year as Exhibit A in how this scam works. That day, Ontario used more energy than any winter’s day in two years.

If you cooked dinner or turned on a light that day, you paid about $68 per megawatt hour. But if you were in New York, we sold your energy for $40, less than we bought it for, with people like you making up the difference.

In fact, each and every hour that day, Ontario paid $87,000 so someone could buy our power at a discount. We spent $2 million that day alone.

So the next time you pay your hydro bill and wonder why Mr. McGuinty has made things so expensive, don’t blame solar panels.

Blame the energy middlemen running our system, taking money you don’t have and harming our economy.

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By: Peter Tabuns
Posted: Feb 11 2011 5:28 pm
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