We’re prepped for battle at the OMB

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ARECA, along with the Stanley Knowles Cooperative — with the endorsement of the Federation of North Toronto Residents Associations (FoNTRA) — are proceeding to the Ontario Municipal Board on Aug. 9 to appeal the proposed Neon development at the northwest corner of Orchardview Boulevard and Duplex Avenue, beside the Northern District Library.

“If the Neon gets built it will become the developers’ poster boy for ignoring transition when building beside our neighbourhoods,” said planner Terry Mills of Arris Strategy Studio. “The Neon has the greatest exception for zoning heights, densities and set-backs in North Toronto.”

The Neon ignores the transition called for in the official plan and in the Yonge Eglinton Secondary Plan whenever a development in a centre, mixed-use area or apartment neighbourhood is beside a residential neighbourhood.

Furthermore, it exceeds the existing zoning density by 1,000 percent an increase four-times greater than the Minto project. It exceeds the existing zoning height by 480 percent, 2.5 times greater than Minto.

The proposed Neon building is situated right on the library’s property line, significantly blocking its light. The building would cut off views for seniors and people with disabilities living in the Stanley Knowles Housing Co-op built above the library, said Ann King, chair of the co-op’s board of directors.

In addition, it places 60 of its apartments right along the library’s property line grabbing the library’s air rights without any compensating payment.

“In these days of City of Toronto cost and revenues it is shocking that the city-run library board are oblivious to the revenue that they are ignoring”, said Patrick Smyth, director of planning and development for ARECA.

ARECA encourages neighbours and residents to visit www.NeOff.ca to read more about why this development needs to be stopped, to sign the online petition, join the list for updates and donate online.

“This isn’t just a massive development on our doorsteps, it sweeps aside the planning conventions we rely upon to protect our neighbourhoods throughout the city and will lead to further widespread aggressive intensification abutting neighbourhoods everywhere,” said Smyth.

ARECA is saddened by the extent of the misinformation put forward by the opponents of good planning.

Since council gave its final approval, a small group of local residents have been meeting to discuss the site plan agreement.

The formation of this group, and what has transpired, has been conducted in secret with no open communication. ARECA finds this situation indefensible and are more committed than ever to maintain a steady stream of feedback to all residents.

ARECA welcomes all contributions to assist with the cost of going to the OMB. Donations can be made online at www.Neoff.ca or cheques payable to ARECA (re. OMB Neon Appeal) or cash, sent to ARECA, 23 Elwood Blvd., Toronto, Ontario, M4R 1B8.

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  • August 7, 2011 at 11:21 pm

    This community has been coned, duped and steam-rollered by their elected officials, their big-property neighbours and the people whose salaries they fund. Shame on them all. Good luck at the OMB, ARECA.

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