Who would you name a parkette after?

A new parkette is expected to open soon at the corner of Soudan and Dunfield avenues, and the name is up to you. Ward 22 councillor Josh Matlow is asking local residents to nominate a worthy person to name the park after.

“Think of someone who merits the acknowledgement,” Matlow said. “It can be a politician, artist or community activist, someone who deserves it.”

Matlow decided to ask local residents for their thoughts to give them a voice in local decision making.

“I think naming a park is important for the community because it affects their everyday lives,” Matlow said. “It’s part of daily conversations, a meeting place where childhood memories are made. It’s something that people will be saying for years to come.”

There are no restrictions on nominations as long as the person is worthy of the honour.

“The name should be something that is reflective of the community,” Matlow said.

The final name is to be chosen in the fall based on the number of entries for each nomination. Nominations can be made by emailing Matlow at [email][/email] or by phoning his office at 416-392-7906.