Why the waterfront matters to Ward 25

[attach]6928[/attach]Spring is around the corner and Ward 25’s parks and public spaces will soon jump back to life.

The warm weather will also draw Torontonians back to our quickly changing waterfront. After working hard over the past two years to ensure that solid city-building remained the touchstone of the Port Lands revitalization plan, I was appointed to the Waterfront Toronto Board late last year.

With an initial board meeting under my belt, I can say that the sheer amount of new parks and public spaces underway is impressive. The first phase of Underpass Park opened late last summer and this spring will see a flood of new spaces open to the public, including the second phase of Underpass Park, Don River Park and a newly revitalized York Quay.

The lake is a good distance from land locked Ward 25 and more than a few constituents have told me that it is difficult to feel connected to our waterfront let alone stay on top of the latest developments.

One of my key goals as a Waterfront Toronto board member is to counter that feeling and strengthen the city’s connection to its waterfront.

Drawing on my background bringing Nuit Blanche to Toronto and helping to get Winterlicious and Summerlicious off the ground, I want to work on drawing Torontonians — from Ward 25 and across the city — to the parks and public spaces that line our new and improved lakefront.

If you have a great idea about how to animate our waterfront’s new parks and public spaces, please send me an []email[/email]. You should also sign up for Waterfront Toronto’s [url=]excellent e-newsletter[/url] to stay on top of the latest news.