Working to save east end pools

The Toronto District School Board voted Sept. 16 to save another four pools on the critical list because there was sufficient permit revenue to keep them afloat. This includes the pool at Queen Alexandra Senior Public School.

Seven pools have closed permanently including at Danforth Tech. And there are nine left on a probationary list until the end of December. If money is fundraised, permits holders are found then the unlucky nine pools will stay open past this year.

Pools at Monarch Park CI and Earl Grey PS are still in danger of closing if revenues fall short.

In the case of Monarch, the community has to find donors or permit holders to cover incremental operating costs close to $71,726. And for Earl Grey the amount is $55,940.

Public school trustee Cathy Dandy and city councillor Paula Fletcher were hosting open houses at both schools Oct. 13 and 15 so groups could tour these pools. To find out more contact Dandy at 416-397-3083 or Fletcher at 416-392-4060.

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By: Kris Scheuer
Posted: Oct 14 2009 4:32 pm
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Edition: Toronto