Yonge Street Warehouse outbreak may have touched up to 1,700

As many as 1,700 people may have passed through Yonge Street Warehouse where seven people have tested positive for coronavirus, Toronto Public Health says.

TPH is notifying high-risk staff and patrons who visited the bar at 336 Yonge St. from Sept. 10 to 17, about potential exposure, according to a city press release yesterday.

Tests have confirmed five employees and two patrons are positive for COVID-19 and followed up with all close contacts.

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Close contacts have been asked to self-isolate for 14 days and to go for testing.

This follows the discovery also in the Central Toronto area that a drag performer and customer had earlier tested positive at Crews and Tangos, a bar at 508 Church St. in the Village.

The bar is urging anyone who visited it from Sept. 18  to 20 to get tested.


Low risk

Meanwhile, the rest of the estimated 1,700 people who attended Yonge Street Warehouse have not been contacted by TPH, as they are viewed as low risk, public health officials say.

But they are advised to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms for 14 days after their visit and, if symptoms develop, to contact TPH immediately self-isolate.