You oughta know: Filming on Merton Street

[attach]3871[/attach]Q: Why does it seem there is always a film being shot on Merton Street?

A: An interesting question with an interesting answer that just might leave you scratching your head.

Toronto issues some 5,000 permits a year to movie companies and Merton Street is known to often have film trucks parked on its two-lane street, with lights and crew doing their jobs. But it isn’t the most commonly used street. In fact, it would be ranked only in the average use category.

Why do film companies use Merton Street as one of their go-to places? The street offers a lot that they can use, from condominiums to businesses, and nearby Mount Pleasant Cemetery provides a great backdrop.

In case you didn’t know, the recent film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was shot all around Toronto.