You oughta know your traffic lights

Just when was the first one installed in midtown?

Q: When and where did the first traffic lights crop up in midtown Toronto?

Eric in
North Toronto

A: Although it’s difficult to believe now, there was a time when it was rare to see a traffic light around Hogtown.

According to data provided on the city’s website, midtown Toronto’s first traffic light was installed at the intersection of Yonge and Bloor on Aug. 28, 1925. It was followed by a light at Yonge and St. Clair in April 1927.

The next year, other lights followed ­— where Bloor St. crosses Bathurst St., Avenue Rd., St. George St., Spadina Ave. and others.

In the decades that followed, the lights popped up all over the place as city traffic increased. It’s hard to say how many traffic lights the midtown area has now, but overall the city currently maintains more than 4,000 traffic lights.

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By: Joshua Freeman
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