Youngsters needed to help launch pumpkin flotilla in High Park

Kids are invited to venture down to High Park on Oct. 25 where they can to carve their own pumpkin before casting it adrift in the nearby wading pool.

“The kids get captivated when they see their pumpkins floating in the water,” said Robin Sorys, event organizer. “Of course the kids love the colour.

“Some kids come in costumes and, hey, where do you ever get to float a pumpkin?”

The cost is only $3 per child and the money goes toward maintaining High Park.

“Sometimes we need things like new (nature) books, which cost a couple of hundred dollars,” Sorys said.

The price for a pumpkin isn’t set in stone.

“Some families can’t afford it so we ask what they can afford,” she said.

During the event, kids will also get to hear staff tell stories.

“It’s a memorable event that the kids will remember well into their teenage years,” Sorys said.

The event runs from 4 to 6 p.m. For more information, call 416 392-6916.