Eglinton densification sends traffic into our streets

I don’t want to alarm Mr. Madison of Davisville Avenue (Letter, “Fines and traffic calming miss the long-term change we need in city,” May), but at MP Carolyn Bennett’s St. Paul’s Summit, councillor Joe Mihevc mentioned the city’s $200,000 project to “beautify” Eglinton Avenue with wider sidewalks, bicycles lanes and mature trees once the LRT begins operation.

I understand the planners will plant money trees because that’s where they believe money comes from.

I don’t know if the city’s chief planner’s keen sense of observation caught this, but both Allen Road and Leslie Street flow all of their traffic load onto Eglinton, and there are large condo developments in the works on the former IBM site and the former Inn on the Park site.

And of course all these new residents will be using the LRT? Really?

With the densification and constriction (first there’s construction, then there’s constriction) of Eglinton, many or more commuters will be taking shortcuts around Eglinton. Every morning I see commuters shortcutting on Roehampton Avenue, Parkhurst Boulevard and Soudan Avenue.

City policies will put more traffic along Davisville Avenue and through the entire neighbourhood.

The solution is to replace “urban design ideology” with real planning.

The morning of the sporting Life 10K run I saw more than 100 porta potties lining our streets.

I think I prefer them to condos. If there were a referendum on condos or porta potties, the porta potties would win hands down.

Or at least seats down.

Bob Murphy
Eglinton Avenue East