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Streeter has a small team of professional journalists who provide news and lifestyle coverage in communities across Toronto.

But we also rely on neighbourhood-based contributions from a wide range of Torontonians who do not already work for Streeter. We are interested in receiving news and views from:

• Freelancers, stringers and moonlighters
• Student journalists
• Citizen journalists
• Local organizers and activists
• Residents, ratepayer and tenant groups
• Political representatives
• Schools, libraries, community centres, churches….

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for articles reporting on local issues, profiling interesting local people, following local sports and business, and covering significant local events — all the kinds of reportage you find in other serious news media but tied to local communities.

We’re also seeking well-written columns or one-off opinion pieces on matters of specific interest to local communities.

For the most part, we’re looking for short articles (100 to 300) words plus photos or other appropriate graphics and media. But we may be talked into accepting longer features if warranted.

What you’re looking for

We’re not expecting brilliant, polished journalism — especially from the non-professionals. This is a grassroots, community-driven enterprise after all.

But your submission will be professionally edited to meet our editorial standards. And you will have the pleasure of seeing it published on for all to read. (And possibly in one of our print editions.)

We will pay for actual journalism. And if writing for Streeter turns into a regular gig, you could end up joining our team of pros.

Where to start

To get this going in the early development of Streeter, send the editor your pitch for the story you propose. You may use the form below for this.

If you have a piece already completed, you may also send it to the editor “on spec” and we’ll let you know if we accept it.

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