Potholes on the mind when spring is in the air

Why can't city ever catch up to fixing our roads, reader asks

Here I go again. Or try to go anywhere — dodging crevices, cracks and broken pavement across Toronto.

Yes, I’m on about potholes again.

What set me off this time is two things. First, I read that an official claimed the city has recently filled 12,000 potholes. Which sounds great.

But, two, the recent weekend of thaw revealed to me the state of the roads that has still existed under this winter’s snow and ice.

It’s obvious that when spring comes for good, we’ll be faced with having almost every road in the city pockmarked as badly as ever — with maybe another 12,000 potholes?

This means also we’ll be facing another summer of minor roadwork tying up traffic wherever you want to drive — in addition to all the major transit and building construction projects that will continue to block us every way we turn.

And, I predict, that with all the work, our roads will remain as bad ever, or worse. As in previous recent years.

Again I ask why? I still don’t understand it. Why can’t we ever catch up to fixing our roads?

Is it a matter of money — not enough to fix our superstructure in the city? A lack of manpower? A lack of will power? Or just poor quality road construction in the first place?

Seriously, I’m asking. Anyone know?

Otto Richter
Cosburn Avenue

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Posted: Mar 19 2019 10:04 am
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