Dec. 6: Find out how airspace changes affect our neighbourhoods

On Dec. 6 at 5 p.m., NAV Canada is holding a public consultation of particular interest to residents of High Park, Parkdale, midtown Toronto, Don Mills and Leaside who have complained about aircraft noise.

The virtual meeting is in support of proposed airspace enhancements surrounding PearsonĀ  Airport. If implemented, the proposed changes will introduce a new type of arrival procedure at Toronto Pearson known as Required Navigation Performance Authorization Required (RNP AR) and will be supported by a new International Civil Aviation Organization separation standard.

Online registration for the event is free.

For those who would prefer to attend a general session (not community-specific), a separate event is being held on Dec. 7, for which they can also register.

NAV Canada, the organization that manages Canada’s civil airspace, will provide information about the proposed changes and answer questions following the presentation.

The session will be conducted via an online meeting using the Microsoft Teams platform. Using Microsoft Teams is free and information on how to use it is available on the Microsoft Support website.

Information on how to join the meeting will be made available after registration.

Rob Oliphant on NAV Canada meetingRob Oliphant on NAV Canada meeting