Feb. 23: Jazz and classical celebration of rebellion

“The Rebel: Breaking Down Barriers” is a celebration of the wild, the different and the outcast at Knox Presbyterian Church, 630 Spadina Ave., at 8 p.m. on Feb. 23.

You’re encourage you to unleash your inhibition and let your freak flags fly because, in this concert, the rebel in all of us takes centre stage.

A juxtaposition of classical choir and improvising jazz trio provides a cross-genre platform to explore the individual’s desire to break free of the confines of convention.

In a world bent on social revolution, can music show the length we are willing to go to define our own identities?

Spectrum Music composers rise up and make their own unique voices heard through original compositions.

Admission is  $20, students $15.

Visit Spectrum online for tickets or call 416-576-8890 for more info.