June 2: Pick up free tree at Harbord Village Plant Fair

The Harbord Village Plant Fair takes place June 2 — when you can also pick up a tree or shrub ordered from the Toronto agency Tree for Me.

The annual fair presented by the Harbord Village Gardeners takes place on the south patio of Kensington Gardens Residence, 25 Brunswick Ave. from 1 to 3 p.m.

Visitors can come to admire the plants, confer with a designated expert gardener, and meet other gardeners. Our local sponsors are generous contributors of bedding plants and other garden material, as well as providing an ideal venue.

You can take away a free plant or two and browse through the books, containers, and tools. If you have extra seedlings, perennial cuttings, tool or books, bring them to give away.

And also of course, you can pick up your pre-ordered tree or shrub.

Sign up now to receive one or two trees or shrubs at Tree for Me online.