Second career is a healthy choice

Former defence researcher finds fulfillment in opening a new Pilates studio in the Beach

We all want to get in shape and be healthy, but finding the time and place to do it can be a challenge.

But Lani Haque may have a solution.

Last month Haque opened Pilates Patio — a new fitness studio in the Beach. Located on the second floor of 2279 Queen Street East, the Patio offers an inviting space for every fitness level and budget.

“I wanted to make Pilates accessible to everyone,” Haque says.

“People have the impression that Pilates only caters to a certain clientele, but I want them to know that anyone can take part, no matter what their ability level or income is.”

Haque offers private and in-home sessions, and a variety of classes and hours. Group classes with no more than five participants allow for a personalized experience.

Whether you’re up for mat exercises or working with the Reformer — a machine helps develope strength in the body’s core — Haque can tailor a workout regime that speaks to you.

“Pilates is different from other types of exercise,” she says. “People come back to it because it gives you a great workout without draining your energy.”

Haque left her post as a researcher for the Department of National Defence in Ottawa last year to become a Pilates instructor. She knows the importance of healthy living.

“I saw people sitting at their desks day in and day out,” she says. “And I just didn’t want to live that way. I wanted to be active every day, so I made it my job.”

And her passion shows in the work she does. Beach residents are signing up for their introductory one-on-one session and getting an insightful analysis from Haque, who is new to the Beach.

“People here are so supportive of new small businesses,” she says. “It’s a great neighbourhood and I look forward to meeting lots of new people.”

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Posted: Nov 20 2009 10:37 am
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  • December 9, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    Hello Lani, I was one of your students at Carleton University. I was so proud of you in school and I am so proud of you now for your philosophy, firm belief, and determination. I am also a strong believer in physical exercise; it prevents against so many types of diseases such as atherosclerosis and diabetes and it prolongs one’s life. Keep it up and I wish you success. Take care.

    Ermias Kahsay

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