Cops blitz problem intersections

33 Division cracks down on speeders, red light runners and pedestrians

If you’re seeing more uniformed men and women at Bayview area intersections these days, no need for alarm.

Police are out enforcing the rules of the road after undertaking a traffic initiative across 33 Division to identify high volume and high collision intersections.

The division polices an area bounded by Steeles, Victoria Park, Eglinton and Bayview Avenues.

In addition to collecting data from collision reports, officers have been retrieving feedback from the community and local councillors to determine areas in need of enforcement.

“They hear a lot from their constituents … and we liaise regularly with the councillors’ offices in regards to (a) complaint about speeding in this area, or whatever,” said Watts.

There were some surprises in determining problematic areas, said Watts, including the issue of speeding along residential streets.

“People have to realize that when they’re in a residential area and there’s no posted speed limit … that it’s 40 (km/h),” said the traffic sergeant.

Underhill Drive, near Lawrence Avenue, is a hot spot for speeders, says Watts, but it wouldn’t “normally come up on someone’s radar” as a problematic area.

Police also found similar problems with several side streets off Victoria Park.

Then there are high volume intersections, like Don Mills and Lawrence, which is typically a high incident collision location.

Police there are on the lookout for red-light racers, and drivers coming out of high-occupancy lanes.

And enforcement doesn’t preclude pedestrians.

“Pedestrians need to be paying attention to the rules of the road as well,” Watts said.

Other intersections on police radar are Finch and Don Mills, and Leslie and Steeles.

Watts said concentrating a regular police presence at these intersections can help make them safer.

“If we can prevent something just by being there, then that’s a good day.”

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By: Karolyn Coorsh
Posted: Sep 10 2010 12:05 pm
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