Edgewood Villa opens to residents

Building home to low income individuals with special needs

A dilapidated building in the Beach is an eyesore no more, now that it’s been transformed into a 29-bed housing project for those with special needs.

Edgewood Villa, located northwest of Coxwell Avenue and Kingston Road, is a low income and supportive home for 29 individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

The Canadian government provided $464,000 through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Rooming House Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program to make the project a reality.

And it’s a project specifically designed to help the community, Bill Munroe, co-founder of Edgewood Villa Inc. says.

“Our business is to create housing for people with special needs.”

Residents are selected based on their needs and approved by a committee.

Munroe said the cost of building anew would be too great, so the organization searched for old buildings to renovate.

Current resident Jesse Mcvitte, said the building is now in excellent shape.

He refers to it as a cozy and warm home.

He added the building has clean rooms, hallways, and most importantly, liveable standards, Mcvitte said.

Thomas Rice, Edgewood’s cook and maintenance worker, said he’s also impressed with the building, as it no longer a rundown eyesore in the community.

The funding received by Edgewood helped build additions to the structure such as adding a new dining room, lounge area and exercise room.

Munroe said the Edgewood Avenue area is considered a quiet and diverse neighbourhood, perfect for the house.

“It’s a real mixed residential street. It has some beautiful homes and townhouses,” Munroe said about the street. “There’s nothing wrong with the neighbourhood.”

Munroe expects to proceed with more housing projects across Toronto in the near future.

“We need to be completely dedicated to the cause and collaborate with those around us to make these developments a reality,” Ken McGowen, co-founder of Edgewood Villa Inc. said in a statement.

“Here at Edgewood Villa, we see ourselves as simply a link in the chain of this project, and now 29 individuals have a safe place to call home.”

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