Graphic video shows East York hit-and-run homicide

Figure shown hit by SUV on sidewalk along driveway to Stan Wadlow Clubhouse on Oct. 7

One figure races along the sidewalk to the driveway leading to the Stan Wadlow Clubhouse off Cedarvale Avenue in East York. Close behind him comes an SUV, chasing him on the grass and sidewalk.

Look closely and you can see someone else has already been caught and is being pushed along under the vehicle.

As the SUV leaves the sidewalk, the caught body is dropped on the driveway by the curb. The vehicle continues on and the figure who had been running bends over the one who lies crumpled on the pavement.

This is how the alleged murder of 16-year-old local boy Matthew Dreaver on Oct. 7 is shown in a video released by police on Thursday.

The video comes with a warning that it contains graphic images and “may be inappropriate for some users.”

Police had previously released grainier video that purportedly showed the SUV on the night of the incident.

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Dreaver died around 2 a.m. on Oct. 7. Police said he and a 14-year-old friend had had a dispute with two occupants of an SUV parked behind Shopper’s Drug Mart at Woodbine Avenue and O’Connor Drive early Monday morning.

The two boys left the area on foot, but a few minutes later the men in the vehicle caught up to them on Cedarvale Avenue near Bracebridge Avenue near Stan Wadlow Park, where the suspect vehicle allegedly jumped the curb and struck Dreaver from behind, police said.

The latest video shows an SUV, after running down one of the figures, turning on the circle in front of the clubhouse and speeding back past them in the opposite direction toward Cedarvale.

After that, the vehicle went a short distance north to Bracebridge Avenue, then west to Woodbine Avenue, north to O’Connor Drive, and east to St. Clair Avenue East, where it continued eastward, according to police.

Early on police termed the hit and run a homicide, since the driver of the vehicle seemed to target the deceased, driving onto the sidewalk to strike the fleeing boys.

The SUV is believed to be a dark blue or black 2007–2012 Hyundai Santa Fe and may have front-end damage.

The suspected driver of the vehicle is described as a white male, age 20–35, standing 5-foot-10 to 5-foot-11. He is said to have a round face and short to balding hair.

The passenger is described as a white male of a similar height and weight, also with short to balding hair.

Note, Streeter is not reproducing or embedding the video showing the alleged murder in this article, although the link provided by the police is given for those who wish to watch it on YouTube.

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Posted: Nov 21 2019 6:09 pm