It’s a whine and a Wynne for the Election Cat

Town Crier feline predicts the results on election day

Everyone knows cats love yarn, but did you know they also love politics?

The Town Crier’s own Election Cat spent this morning making predictions on today’s race, and has concluded Ontario will see a Liberal minority.

The highly scientific feline forecast, which involved jiggling a piece of paper with possible seat count outcomes on it, suggests the Liberals will come away with 49 seats, the Progressive Conservatives will garner 38, and the NDP will manage 20.

Election Cat initially echoed the sentiment felt by many Ontarians and took quite a bit of prodding even to make a selection.

“Mrghrrrrrrowl,” she whined, before giving in.

The selection process began by having a piece of paper filled with all numbers from 29 to 68 — the minimum and maximum number of seats the Liberals could get, according to the website, which combines all polls done throughout the campaign.

The figures were presented to the Election Cat and she pawed down a solid 49.

A second piece of paper with the same format for the PC Party, which included numbers 25–60, was then put in front of Election Cat, who swatted at it and landed on 38. With the Green Party not believed to have a chance at any seats, the remaining number — 20 — was designated as NDP seats.

While Election Cat believed the seat totals would be 49-38-22, others at the Town Crier thought differently. Here are guesses made by other staff:

  • Dan Hoddinott: PCs 48, Liberals 46, NDP 13
  • Eric McMillan: Liberals 55, PCs 40, NDP 12
  • Ann Ruppenstein: Liberals 52, PCs 39, NDP 16
  • Brian Baker: PCs 43, Liberals 39, NDP 25
  • Shawn Star: Liberals 52, PCs 41, NDP 14

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Posted: Jun 12 2014 12:59 pm
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