Nolan wants to drive Ward 21

Transit driver aims to have the TTC become an essential service

St. Paul’s council candidate Peter Nolan wants the TTC to become an essential service.

It’s a hot button issue, considering Nolan is a transit driver.

Declaring the TTC essential would require the province’s permission, and mean removing the union’s right to strike.

“I work for the TTC. I’m part of the union. I’m a (bus) driver. I believe in the right to strike. I like unions,” said the first-time
candidate. “But to run the city, the TTC is essential. The city shuts down without the TTC.

“Obviously, you have to deal with added costs.”

Typically, arbitrators have awarded increased wages during contract negotiations to compensate for the fact the union can no longer strike.

The soon-to-be 31-year-old has other priorities.

“I’m running to affect people city wide and in my ward,” said the ward 21 candidate.

He wants to scrap the vehicle registration tax.

“In my opinion, the city overspends. If they were more financially responsible, they wouldn’t need new taxes.”

He said the current councillor Joe Mihevc is one of the biggest spenders and supporters of spending.

“Joe Mihevc spends a lot and wants to tax people. He has good intentions, but it’s not the right approach to run a government.”

On his website he outlines his platform as well as councillor Mihevc’s voting record.

Nolan said he’d reduce councillors’ office budgets from $53,100 to $30,000 annually.

And he wants to improve customer service at the city.

While he thinks the new 24/7 one-stop-shop 311 customer service number is a good start, he said it is not perfect.

“I’ve used (311) when I did research. I asked where to find what councillors’ voted on. They didn’t know. Where on the (city’s)
website I could find voting records, they couldn’t help me.”

He lives in ward 21 and plans to do a lot of door knocking to help increase his name recognition.

“I am thinking if I can get to every single house and talk to most people that will help because I am a huge underdog,” said Nolan.

“I’m a genuine person living in the real world. What I see is a lot of people at city hall detached from the real world.”

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By: Kris Scheuer
Posted: Jul 5 2010 3:55 pm
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