Residents react to sewer project delays

Residents living adjacent to the repair site at O’Connor Drive and Coxwell Boulevard are growing more frustrated as the project drags on.

“I can’t wait until it’s finished,” said Bill Balamatsis, whose detached Coxwell Boulevard home is opposite the site.

“The noise is becoming a nuisance.”

The city set up construction at the northwest corner of O’Connor and Coxwell shortly after discovering a large crack in the Coxwell sewer trunk, one of the main sewage arteries for the city.

Local resident Helen Zoubaniotis said she’d appreciate another community meeting to get a clear picture of the issues, including delays and work being conducted.

“We want a detailed report,” she said. “It’s taken over a year and a half longer than was expected.

“We’d like this over.”

Once construction is complete, the city plans to landscape and beautify the O’Connor site.
Councillor Mary Fragedakis said her office and a project coordinator are in constant contact with the community and are dealing with issues as they arise.

“People understand the severity of the work that they’re doing there and trying to make that permanent bypass connection is in the interests of us all,” she said. “If there is a crack, raw sewage would fall right into the Don River.
“That would be actually a disaster for not just my constituents, but for us all.”

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By: Karolyn Coorsh
Posted: Aug 24 2012 1:46 pm
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