Streeter hits the street

Town Crier renamed for new era of community coverage

The first issues of Streeter were delivered to midtown Toronto homes and businesses this week.

Streeter is the name of the redesigned Town Crier community newspapers, covering six residential areas north of Bloor Street and south of Hwy. 401.

The term “streeters” is journalistic parlance for what used to be called “man-in-the-street” interviews — the media practice of seeking the views of so-called ordinary people. Starting with this issue and the next, the newly named publication will be publishing streeters on the hot community issues of the day. We will be soliciting opinions from people at work and at leisure in the neighbourhood, as well as online and by phone each month.

But the new name is also intended to show a greater emphasis on getting news from the street. That is, from the community.

It’s been a great run for the name “Town Crier” since the last time the name was changed decades ago. However, the market and expectations for community papers have changed over the years. The image of a fellow ringing a bell and bellowing out the news to passersby is somewhat out of date.

It’s no longer the job of media to tell people what they should know for their own good. Rather the flow of news and views runs both ways between the streets and the newsrooms — in print as much as online.

The name change has been in the works for quite some time. When the Town Crier staff took over the publications almost four years ago, the name we chose for our new publishing company was Streeter Publications, with the changing perspective on the role of media in mind. We thought it was at last time the publications as a whole caught up.

So far, the reaction of readers and advertisers has been positive.

We hope you will find our new name reflects both our continuing commitment to covering the local scene and a greater emphasis on sharing news and views among people in our neighbourhoods.

We trust in the years to come Streeter will find a place in your hearts equal to that of the Town Crier in the past.

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Posted: Feb 10 2017 1:07 pm
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