Tory hopeful derides tax

Don Valley East PC candidate wants to rid hydro bills, sports registration from HST

Don Valley East’s Progressive Conservative candidate Michael Lende says he would like to see more of his hard-earned money go toward a family vacation or his children’s education rather than going to the government in taxes.

“The harder we work it seems the less we’re able to save,” he said.

The father of three says that if he’s elected he’d like to get rid of the HST on hydro, which he says is a necessity, and sports registration.

“The parents complain about the HST on registration,” said Lende, who is currently the president of the York Mills Hockey Club.

Although Lende grew up in Don Valley West, he’s been living in Don Valley East for the past seven years.

“I’m passionate about the community I live in,” he said. “I live and play here.”

He said his devotion to the community shouldn’t come as a surprise. He said he’s always been a champion of accountability.

As an executive with Zipcar Toronto he said he would go out of his way to better serve his clients by personally making phone calls to those who had rated the company’s service below seven out of 10 and ask them what he could do to improve.

“That’s the sort of government we need,” he said. “One that’s accountable to the people.”

He added that Zipcars created many jobs in the province and provided people with an environmentally friendly alternative.

“We’ve taken 5,000 cars off the road,” he said.

Lende, who attended York University and obtained a degree in psychology and French, said he’s been an entrepreneur all his life, operating businesses like a hockey school, an event theatre and building hockey rinks.

He added that his personal business experiences make him an ideal representative of small businesses.

“I’m not a career politician,” he said. “I’m like everyone else in my riding.”

When not busy with family and work Lende said he dedicates his time to several charities. He’s raised money for North York General Hospital and Sick Kids Hospital. His hockey club has also donated hockey equipment to less privileged kids in the city.

“I love helping out,” he said. “Doing what I can to help the community.”

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By: Alima Hotakie
Posted: Sep 15 2011 10:33 am
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