Feb. 14–15: Free winemaking presentation on Danforth

Learn about the process and lots of winemaking stuff

The wine-making centre Fermentations, at 201 Danforth Ave., presents how they hand harvest grapes around the world — from Spain, Niagara, South Africa and Chile — then, using their licensed facility, transform these grapes into wines that have been valued at up to $35.

The cost is free.

Fermentations will have lots of parts of the wine-making process on display, grapes fermenting, the grape press, the tools wineries use to evaluate grapes, oak types, plus an opportunity to find out how various regions and the grapes used form the basis of that appellation system. That plus much more wine stuff.

For more information call 426-778-9000, email charles@fermentations.ca, see Twitter @fermentationsTO, or see Instagram @fermentationsdanforth.

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Posted: Jan 31 2020 3:21 pm
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