Another idea for keeping raccoons out of your green bin

Put the freeze on their treats, reader advises

I have read the letter “Keeping Raccoons Out” in the November issue.

What I do to make sure they do not get into my green bin is that I freeze the food which is usually meat products and then I put the frozen bag out with the green bin the night before.

Freezing the food makes sure there are no odours emanating from​ the food.  This way, the raccoons smell nothing and so leave the green bin alone.

I compost most of my veggies and fruit remains.  Anything that does not go in the compost gets frozen in a bag in the freezer until green bin night.

I understand that many people do not compost and may have a lot of food leftovers but if they have room in their freezer, this is an excellent idea.

Maybe you shall decide to print this information.

Diana Scott
Craighurst Avenue

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Posted: Dec 10 2017 1:47 pm
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