TODAY’S STREETER: Midtown or downtown entertainment

We asked at the corner of Laird and Eglinton, at Trace Manes Park and at Leaside Library: “For recreation and entertainment in Toronto, do you frequent venues in midtown or do you go downtown or to other areas?”

Brian Hardy, artist
“I would say a combination … Arts and culture downtown, such as the art gallery, the ROM, restaurants … and here, movies I
can walk to.”

Joshua Golhar, photographer
“I get around. I go uptown, downtown, up to Etobicoke, Scarborough, all over the place. Although it’s a big city, it’s not all that big, and once you’re out of the front door what’s it matter if you go 10 minutes, 20 minutes, half an hour? … So I go wherever there’s something catches my interest … Travel around the city is still relatively easy, despite the distances.”

Laura Bailey, retail manager
“I find that the places I visit in midtown have more of a variety. It has bars and restaurants, as opposed to just a dance club.”

Tresha Smith, PSW
“To be honest, I go out of town … There’s a lot of clubs I know about there, a lot of festivals, like reggae festivals, and a lot of soca stuff going on out of town … Last week I went to Niagara Falls — didn’t really stay inside the city.”

Ivar Liepinz, retired
“For recreation we play tennis … and I like to be right here. I live in this general neighbourhood, so that’s the long and the short of it … I also play bridge in various places, also around midtown, within easy distance of my own house.”

Pat Macnaughton, retired
“I tend to watch TV and not spend too much money on entertainment out of the house these days.”

Raija Rosenthal, Lions club member
“I stay in this area … I’m a retiree, and I’m very involved with the Lions clubs … My club meets at the Finnish seniors centre (Suomi-Koti, at 795 Eglinton Ave. East), and we look at the needs of this community and beyond.”

Heather Gaito, retired
“I have friends and we do things out here, but my kids both live downtown so I like going to restaurants on College Street and along Queen Street … I make good use of the city.”

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