TODAY’S STREETER: What’s getting your vote?

We asked on Bessborough Drive: “Is there an issue that is making you determined to get out and vote in this provincial election?”

Heather Masterson, insuranceHeather Masterson, insurance
“I love the fact that the premier is going to invest $29 billion in infrastructure. That’s a pretty important platform, and I’m going to support her for that alone. Also, I think she has a great record.”

Chris Forbell, financeChris Forbell, finance
“Yes there is, and it has to do with the government’s energy policy in terms of what fuel that they’re going to use, whether they’re going to continue to decommission nuclear and coal, or whether they’re going to start adding more natural gas, which got the Liberal government into trouble to begin with, so that’s a very important policy to me.”

Savannah Hoag, teacherSavannah Hoag, teacher
“I’m a teacher, so that is a really important thing to me — are our jobs going to be cut? So that’s something that’s important enough for me to come out and vote.”

Ian Boddy, audio engineerIan Boddy, audio engineer
“There are a few things that I’m pretty concerned about, but it’s hard to tell which political party is actually going to fulfill any promises to support them. So it’s mostly a game of looking at past performances and seeing which one aligns mostly with my point of view.”

Sue Collis, retiredSue Collis, retired
“Yes… we need what Kathleen Wynne promised us, the $810 million for people with developmental disabilities, and the 1 percent increase for social assistance… We need that desperately, because we’re all aging and we all have disabled daughters and sons who need what she’s promised.”

Robert Simpson, engineerRobert Simpson, engineer
“I’d vote anyway. I don’t need a reason to get out and vote, so I can’t think of any policy that would change that.”

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