Upper Beaches

Also known as The Upper Beaches, Upper Beach is part of the greater Beaches area in eastern Toronto and is separated from The Beaches in the south by four-lane Kingston Road, which cuts through the area. The northern boundary is the CN rail tracks between Gerrard Street and Danforth Avenue. Victoria Park and Coxwell Avenues define the east and west boundaries here.

When the area was settled in the 19th century it bore the name Norway and today that name lives on in Norway Street, Norway Public School as well as the local church and cemetery.

The neighbourhood is socio-economically and ethno-culturally diverse. Many recent immigrants as well as multi-generational Canadians live in the area and housing types range from older Victorian-style houses, to low-rent low-rise apartment buildings to townhouses and more.

Although the neighbourhood is almost entirely residential, nearby Danforth Avenue to the north and Queen Street East a few blocks to the south provide the residents with plenty of shopping and dining choices.

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